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DJ, Scratch DJ, Video Scratch, Hip Hop, Funk, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Dance, Trip Hop, Corporate

Leading International turntablist & scratch DJ “JFB”

JFB is a 6 x DJ Champion Title Holder and is considered the UK’s leading Scratch DJ.

JFB is the Vestax/Radio 1 Competition Winner 2003, UK DMC Champion 2007, 2011, 2015, 2020, Red Bull Thre3style European & African Wildcard Champion 2016, Red Bull Thre3style World Championship finalist 2016 and IDA UK Technical Champion 2019.

Last year saw JFB return to the DMC Championships as a Judge and the featured Showcase DJ hosting the event’s ‘Routine Breakdown’ workshop. This year saw him win the UK title to become DMC UK Champion for the 4th time.

JFB can currently be seen performing on TV worldwide on BBC, Sky, Eurosport, CBS, CBC Sports and all major sports channels on the widely broadcast ISL international sporting events.

JFB has worked with Beardy Man (JFB is his regular live DJ), Beardy Man says “JFB is vastly superior to the competition… all other DJs are wack!”, and has been invited to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s 2019 PLAYLIST Retreat.

He has been described by Fat Boy Slim as “the thinking man’s Grandmaster Flash” and was resident DJ for Rob Da Bank on Radio 1 with numerous features on BBC1 Extra.

His remixed tracks have been used in a number of advertisements, and his videos have amassed over 9 million views on YouTube, with 111k followers on Facebook alone.

His sets can be more hip-hop or soul-funk focussed or more drum and bass or a mix of everything, he’s just as happy spinning hip-hop and drum and bass as he is breaks and dubstep.

Unlike many turntablists, JFB also knows how to balance beat juggling with dropping dance floor bombs – ultimately, it’s all about making people dance and setting the vibe.

Many of the tunes you’ll hear him spin will be his own special edits and remixes.

If you let JFB loose on a pair of turntables and a mixer, he will make sure your event goes off with a bang, producing results that are just jaw-dropping!


Hip-Hop mashup:‪‬

Dmc Style‬

Jungle Cakes Promo:‪‬

Drum & Bass‪‬


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RedBull 3Style‪‬

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