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Crime Gospel Rock n'Roll Shakedown Soul Blues

The Future Shape Of Sound are an (up to) 10 piece Shakedown Crime Gospel Rock’n’Roll Soul Blues outfit.

Spearheaded by music producer Alex McGowan aka “Captain Future”, visualise a bunch of Rock’n’Roll, blues musicians and gospel singers coming together to rock it out in a disused circus tent! This outrageous Shakedown Crime Gospel Rock’n’Roll Soul Blues collective is the ultimate example of uplifting music meets funky theatre. An absolute spectacle - you won’t know quite know what happened, but you’ll never be able to forget it! 

With a female front singer and a number of female backing singers they are ideal if you are looking for gender balance in your line up. In the recent past the band have put their spectacle on the stages of many smooth nighteries and major outdoor congregations such as Bestival, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Hipsville, Grillstock, Wilderness, The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club and Clerkenwell festival, converting believers with shimmering choir harmonies, Hammond organ grooves, soul sax riffs and Rock’n’Roll guitars. 

“Can’t wait to hear their album” Craig Charles on his BBC6 Music Funk & Soul Show 

“Intoxicatingly upbeat, vibrant, exciting and truly remarkable!” Tony Beesley – Vive Le Rock Magazine

“This is a pinnacle of UK blues jump GOSPEL MADNESS” Chris Tofu MBE

“A band that re-evaluates what modern Rock’n’Roll really is!” Lee Powell – Rock’n’Roll Magazine

Their track 'Rise Up' currently features in the trailers for the new Sky Comedy Channel.

Their latest album “Shakedown Gospel” (which received radioactive reviews including a 9 out of 10 in Vive Le Rock Magazine) comprises of collaborations with regulars at Captain Future’s Space Eko East recording studio including Suri Sumatra, Son Of Dave, Sister Cookie, Jim Jones, Paul-Ronney Angel, Big Joe Louis, and Big Boy Bloater.

Their new Live EP entitled "It's Gone All Wrong" was released on Friday 13th March 2020.

Rise Up Live:

Further Videos:

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